10 Must-Have Trendy Mid-Century Modern Armchairs

Welcome! In this article, we will be discussing 10 must-have trendy mid-century modern armchairs. If you’re looking to update your home or office with some stylish seating options, then you’ve come to the right place! These armchairs not only provide comfort but also add a touch of sophistication to any space. Keep reading to discover the top picks and find the perfect armchair that fits your style and preferences!

Now let’s dive into the world of trendy mid-century modern armchairs. With their sleek lines, retro-inspired designs, and timeless appeal, these armchairs are sure to become a focal point in your room. From luxurious leather to vibrant fabric options, there is something for everyone in this collection. Whether you prefer a classic look or want to make a bold statement with a pop of color, these armchairs will surely elevate the overall aesthetic of your space. So let’s take a closer look at the 10 must-have trendy mid-century modern armchairs that will bring style and comfort to your home or office!

What are mid-century modern armchairs?

Mid-century modern armchairs are a popular furniture choice that combines timeless design with contemporary style. These armchairs originated in the mid-20th century and have since become iconic pieces that add a touch of sophistication to any interior space. Defined by their clean lines, minimalist forms, and innovative use of materials, mid-century modern armchairs have become a staple in interior design.

Defining mid-century modern style

The mid-century modern style emerged in the 1940s and continued through the 1960s, characterized by its emphasis on simplicity, functionality, and a celebration of technological advancements. Influenced by Bauhaus and Scandinavian design, mid-century modern style focused on creating furniture that was practical yet aesthetically pleasing. With an emphasis on clean lines, organic forms, and minimal ornamentation, mid-century modern armchairs embodied the essence of this design movement.

Characteristics of mid-century modern armchairs

Mid-century modern armchairs are known for their distinct characteristics that set them apart from other furniture styles. These include:

  1. Minimalist design: Mid-century modern armchairs feature clean lines and simple forms, avoiding excessive ornamentation.
  2. Organic shapes: Inspired by nature, mid-century modern armchairs often have curved backs, rounded edges, and ergonomic designs.
  3. Innovative materials: This style embraced new materials like molded plywood, fiberglass, and molded plastic, allowing for unique and eye-catching shapes.
  4. Functionality: Mid-century modern armchairs were designed with usability in mind, ensuring comfort and practicality without sacrificing style.
  5. Timeless appeal: Despite originating decades ago, mid-century modern armchairs have an enduring appeal due to their sleek and elegant designs.

Why are mid-century modern armchairs trendy?

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in mid-century modern design. This renewed popularity can be attributed to several factors.

The resurgence of mid-century modern design

As interior design trends cycle through different eras, it is not uncommon for certain styles to come back into vogue. Mid-century modern design has captivated contemporary audiences with its timeless appeal and nostalgic charm. The clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and use of organic shapes resonate with current design sensibilities, making mid-century modern armchairs highly sought after.

Influence on contemporary interior design

The versatility and effortless style of mid-century modern armchairs make them the perfect addition to any interior space. Their timeless appeal allows them to seamlessly blend with both traditional and modern decor, creating a balanced and visually pleasing environment. Whether placed in a living room, office, or bedroom, mid-century modern armchairs add a touch of sophistication and elevate the overall design of a space.

10 must-have mid-century modern armchair designs

If you are looking to incorporate mid-century modern armchairs into your home, here are ten iconic designs that should be on your radar:

1. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1956, is a true mid-century modern classic. Its molded plywood shell, plush leather upholstery, and ergonomic design make it the epitome of style and comfort.

2. Barcelona Chair

Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich in 1929, the Barcelona Chair embodies the elegance and sophistication of the mid-century modern era. Its sleek stainless steel frame, tufted leather upholstery, and iconic X-shaped base make it a timeless piece of furniture.

3. Hans Wegner Shell Chair

Hans Wegner’s Shell Chair, designed in 1963, features a distinctive organic shape and exquisite craftsmanship. With its curved plywood seat and solid wood frame, this armchair showcases the beauty of simplicity and natural materials.

4. Jacobsen Egg Chair

Created by Arne Jacobsen in 1958, the Jacobsen Egg Chair is a design icon known for its sculptural form and unparalleled comfort. Its high back and curved shape envelop the sitter, creating a cozy and private seating experience.

5. Bertoia Diamond Chair

Designed by Harry Bertoia in 1952, the Bertoia Diamond Chair is a testament to the innovative use of materials. Its sculptural form, created with welded steel rods, provides both comfort and visual interest.

6. Wegner Papa Bear Chair

Another masterpiece by Hans Wegner, the Papa Bear Chair, also known as the Teddy Bear Chair, was introduced in 1951. Its inviting shape, plush upholstery, and organic lines create a chair that is as comfortable as it is visually striking.

7. Panton Chair

Created by Verner Panton in 1960, the Panton Chair is a groundbreaking example of molded plastic furniture. Its flowing lines, bold colors, and ergonomic design make it a statement piece that brings vibrancy to any space.

8. Eero Saarinen Womb Chair

Designed by Eero Saarinen in 1948, the Womb Chair is renowned for its enveloping shape and exceptional comfort. Its curved form and plush upholstery create a cocoon-like seating experience that invites relaxation.

9. Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair

The Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair, introduced in 1958, is a design masterpiece known for its graceful shape and sculptural presence. Its curved backrest and swiveling base make it both visually striking and functional.

10. Le Corbusier LC2 Chair

Designed by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, and Charlotte Perriand in 1928, the LC2 Chair is a classic example of mid-century modern design. Its sleek chrome frame, lavish leather upholstery, and geometric form make it a timeless piece that exudes elegance.

How to incorporate mid-century modern armchairs into your home?

When incorporating mid-century modern armchairs into your home, consider the following tips to ensure a cohesive and stylish look:

Identifying suitable spaces for armchairs

Mid-century modern armchairs can be placed in various spaces, such as living rooms, reading nooks, or home offices. Identify areas where you need additional seating or want to create a cozy corner for relaxation.

Pairing armchairs with complementary furniture

Consider the existing furniture in the room and choose armchairs that complement the overall aesthetic. Mid-century modern armchairs pair well with furniture pieces that have similar lines, materials, or color schemes, creating a harmonious look.

Choosing the right color and fabric

Mid-century modern armchairs come in a wide range of colors and fabrics. Opt for colors that enhance the visual appeal of the room and fabrics that align with your lifestyle and preferences. Popular choices include leather, velvet, and tweed.

Considering the comfort factor

While style is important, comfort should not be compromised. Ensure that the armchair you choose provides adequate support and is enjoyable to sit in for extended periods. Consider factors such as seat depth, cushioning, and armrest height.

Where to purchase mid-century modern armchairs?

If you are looking to purchase mid-century modern armchairs, there are several options available to you:

Specialty furniture stores

Visit specialty furniture stores that focus on mid-century modern designs. These stores often carry a wide selection of armchairs, allowing you to see and feel the furniture firsthand before making a purchase.

Online retailers

Online retailers offer a convenient option for purchasing mid-century modern armchairs. Many reputable websites provide detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and high-quality images to help you make an informed decision.

Vintage and antique shops

For those seeking authenticity and unique finds, vintage and antique shops are treasure troves of mid-century modern armchairs. These stores often carry original designs from the era, adding a touch of history to your home.

Auctions and estate sales

Auctions and estate sales can be a great way to find rare and collectible mid-century modern armchairs. Keep an eye on local listings or explore online auctions to discover unique pieces at potentially lower prices.

Tips for maintaining mid-century modern armchairs

To keep your mid-century modern armchairs looking their best, consider the following maintenance tips:

Regular cleaning and dusting

Dust your armchairs regularly to remove any buildup and prevent the accumulation of dirt. Use a soft cloth or brush to gently clean the surfaces, and check for any spills or stains that require immediate attention.

Proper placement to avoid sunlight damage

Direct sunlight can cause fading and damage to the upholstery of mid-century modern armchairs. Avoid placing them in areas where they are exposed to prolonged sunlight, or use window treatments to protect them.

Repairing or restoring worn-out armchairs

If your armchairs show signs of wear or damage, consider repairing or restoring them to prolong their lifespan. Consult professionals who specialize in furniture restoration for the best results.

Preserving the original upholstery

If your mid-century modern armchairs have original upholstery, take steps to preserve it. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can cause damage, and consider professional cleaning services for deep cleaning when necessary.

Understanding the value of mid-century modern armchairs

Mid-century modern armchairs are not only stylish and functional; they also hold value, both in terms of their cultural significance and potential for investment.

Rare and iconic designs

Certain mid-century modern armchair designs, such as those by renowned designers like Charles and Ray Eames or Arne Jacobsen, are considered iconic and highly sought after. Their rarity and historical value contribute to their overall worth.

Investment potential in the future

As mid-century modern design continues to resonate with contemporary audiences, the value of well-preserved and authentic mid-century modern armchairs is likely to appreciate over time. Investing in these pieces can potentially yield a return in the future.

Exploring mid-century modern armchair variations

Mid-century modern armchairs come in various forms, materials, and shapes. Exploring different variations can help you find the perfect armchair that suits your individual style and preferences.

Different materials used

While mid-century modern armchairs are often associated with molded plywood or molded plastic, they are also crafted from other materials such as leather, fabric, and metal. Each material offers a unique aesthetic and tactile experience.

Unique shapes and forms

From the iconic Eames Lounge Chair’s sleek lines to the curvaceous form of the Jacobsen Egg Chair, mid-century modern armchairs come in a variety of shapes and forms. Explore different silhouettes to find one that resonates with your design vision.

Incorporating modern technology

To meet the demands of contemporary living, some mid-century modern armchairs have been updated with modern features like built-in speakers, USB ports, or wireless charging capabilities. These technological advancements add functionality and convenience to the classic designs.

Hiring professionals for custom mid-century modern armchairs

If you have specific design preferences or unique requirements, hiring professionals to create custom mid-century modern armchairs may be the ideal solution.

Collaborating with furniture designers

Work with talented furniture designers who specialize in mid-century modern styles to bring your vision to life. Collaborating with experts ensures that your custom armchairs meet your design expectations and functional needs.

Choosing custom materials and finishes

Custom armchairs offer the opportunity to select materials and finishes that match your interior decor perfectly. From choosing the upholstery fabric to selecting the wood finish, customization allows you to tailor every detail to your taste.

Tailoring armchairs to your specific needs

Custom armchairs can be designed to accommodate your specific requirements. Whether you need additional lumbar support or a higher seat height, working closely with professionals ensures that your custom armchairs are tailored to your comfort.


In conclusion, mid-century modern armchairs are more than just trendy furniture pieces; they embody a design movement that continues to captivate audiences with its timeless appeal. By incorporating these iconic armchairs into your home, you can enhance the aesthetics of any space while investing in quality and style. From the classic designs of the Eames Lounge Chair and the Barcelona Chair to unique variations that incorporate modern technology, mid-century modern armchairs offer a range of options to suit individual preferences. Whether you choose to purchase ready-made pieces, hunt for vintage finds, or invest in custom designs, mid-century modern armchairs are a staple in interior design that is sure to elevate your home’s style.