January 2023

Instant Durable Paper Model Alternatives

They made models of French and European landmarks like in picture above. Alternatives: Papertoys.com Creativepark.com twinkl.com Canon-europe.com doverpublications.com wurlington-bros.com 3d kits can still be purchased used on sites like amazon and ebay. They made playing cards. For a fun time,  gather with friends and play cards. They made books and postcards. Home Upgrade Place

Modular Furniture

It can be assembled the way you like. You can make storage boxes, counters, cabinets, and sofas. Here are some photos so you can see what it is like.   Modular Furniture Pros: Flexibility for days: Modular furniture is like a shape-shifting superhero, ready to transform into whatever you need it to be. Sofa? Check! …

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16 Architectural Designs

There are many kinds of homes. An architect can help you plan what you want if you are building. Here are some awesome examples. Architectural Design types Modernism: Ah, the sleek, clean lines of modernism! It’s the architectural equivalent of a minimalist’s dream. Forget the frills and fuss; these buildings are all about function, baby! …

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