Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades You Can Do [Pics Before and After]

There is nothing better than a new modern kitchen.

You can replace cabinets, countertops, and appliances.

Here are some pictures of upgrade projects:

It takes a few months to redo but the result is worth as shown below.





Here is an example of complete removal of all cabinets and appliances.

Removing the old to make room for the new.


A typical remodel budget looks like this:

  • Lighting – $2000
  • Walls – $500
  • Ceiling – $600
  • Flooring – $5000
  • Backsplash – $700
  • Countertops – $3000
  • Door and Windows – $ 1100
  • Labor – $5000
  • Faucets – $ 1000
  • Cabinets – $7000
  • Appliances – $6000
  • Plumbing – $800
  • Electrical – $ 400


Upgrading your home is a big investment. You get to enjoy it and your home value will increase.

The final results can be beautiful.


Example of an island with overhead lights.

White cabinets with lots of natural light.


Save on labor costs and do it yourself.



lots of white here.

compare to lots of black.


You can do some of the labor yourself and save about 30%.



Your place will be a mess while under construction.

The average kitchen remodel costs $27k and it will increase the value of your home. You can ask for an itemized estimate and decide what you want to do.