Anke free typeface

The Anke free typeface is a geometric, simple Sans Serif typeface.

It has uppercase, lowercase and diacritic characters. Here is an example:




You can download it here:


Here are some other popular fonts:

Modern Alphabet

Raymound Serif


Black Mantis


Font stats from

  • Open Sans, 12.5 trillion views
  • Noto Sans JP, 1.9 trillion views
  • PT Sans, 7.9 billion views
  • Nunito Sans, 151 million views
  • Noto Sans KR, 175 million views
  • Work Sans, 184 million views
  • Fira Sans, 184 million views
  • PT Sans Narrow, 241 million views
  • Source Sans Pro, 1.6 trillion views
  • Josefin Sans, 121 billion views
  • Merriweather Sans, 71 billion views