Home Architecture Ideas [with Pics]

Are you thinking about designing your own home?

There are several things to consider like:

  • Project development
  • Master planning
  • Building design
  • Interior design

The first step is the design. This is done on paper or computer with a printout.



The neighborhood is designed with space for each home.


Photo of luxury living room with huge windows and lots of open space.




An architect will do the design work including calculating ceiling height, beam and column width.



Modern subdivision


Each house has its own lot, connected by roads.



Picture of planned community.



Very modern kitchen




Living room with large open area, white couch and chairs.


A luxury home with pool.



2 chairs interior design, pinkish colored, with grey walls.

kitchen above, couch with dog below.

Very cool house with pool.


Bedroom with huge window and telescope.




Living room interior ideas



Sofa and chair with tiny coffee table






Awesome home photos