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  • Ecological Basket at Home

    Fruits: Vegetables: Organic Fruits and Vegetables in a basket that come from the garden like: Apples Oranges Lettuce Broccoli Potatoes Onions Tomatoes Peppers Pears Berries Melons Limes Cauliflower Squash   You can order online from these places:

  • Domaine de Lintillac

    The Domaine de Lintillac has closed. It was a traditional restaurant in Paris that had excellent duck entrees. Here are some photos of duck confit, foie gras, and creme brulee:                     This is what typical French restaurants look like:     Most have outdoor and indoor […]

  • 9 Kitchen Upgrades You Can Do

    9 Kitchen Upgrades You Can Do

    There is nothing better than a new modern kitchen. You can replace cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Here are some pictures of upgrade projects:           Removing the old to make room for the new.   A typical remodel budget looks like this: Lighting – $2000 Walls – $500 Ceiling – $600 Flooring […]