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  • 23 Tiny Home Interiors You Must See

    23 Tiny Home Interiors You Must See

    There is not much room inside these small houses. You have to make efficient use of space and storage.     The ladder leads up to the bedroom loft. ‘             Some have ceiling fans, but most do not because there is not enough space.           […]

  • 12 Types of Tiny Homes [37 Pictures]

    12 Types of Tiny Homes [37 Pictures]

    List of various styles of tiny homes. 1. Wheeled       2. Foundation       3. Yurts     4. A-Frame     5. Cabin     6. Geodesic Domes     7. RVs   8. Houseboats   9. Earthships     10. Shipping Container Homes   11. Gypsy Wagons   12. Mobile […]

  • 11 Types of Roofs [With 33 Pictures]

    11 Types of Roofs [With 33 Pictures]

    Here is a list of types of roofs. Jerkinhead Roof     Butterfly Roof     Saltbox Roof     Gambrel roof       Hip Roof     M Shaped     Mansard Roof     Skillion Roof       Gable Roof   Solar roof     Flat roofs  

  • Ecology, Nature, and Environment in Algeria

    A green economy is the future of Algeria. The economy is based on oil and is a member of OPEC. This will have to change.   The country is beautiful as shown in these photos.   Nature is thriving as seen here.   Algeria is investing in alternative energy, mainly solar and wind power, with […]

  • Bending Steel Film Review

    Bending Steel is a documentary film made by Dave Carroll and Ryan Scafuro. It is about a 43 year old named Chris Schoeck from Queens, NY that is training to be a professional strongman. Here is a video clip: The movie is very inspiring. It is fascinating to watch how they do it. It is […]

  • Who Wants to Leave

    You no longer have to travel alone. You can find a companion for your trip to France or other country. Bring a friend on your next holiday vacation to make it more fun. You can organize and participate in trips with others and then share memories, photos, and videos.     You will need a […]

  • Poem Structure and Style

      For My Interesting Butterfly A Love Poem Roses are red, Violets are blue, Findings are interesting, And so are you. Orchids are white, Ghost ones are rare, Curls are blonde, And so is your hair. Magnolia grows, With buds like eggs, My green is pale, And so are your legs. Sunflowers reach, Up to […]

  • Whale Protection

    An International court ruled against Japan and will affect whales in Southern and Pacific Oceans. The court found in 2014: Taken as a whole, the Court considers that JARPA II involves activities that can broadly be characterized as scientific research, but that “the evidence does not establish that the programme’s design and implementation are reasonable […]

  • WrestleCircus

    The last event at WrestleCircus was July 28th 2019 at 800 Congress Ave, Austin, TX. The Bell time was 7pm, meet and greet started at 5pm, doors open at 615pm It featured The Scoprio Sky Summer Curcus Show with tickets in the $30-$75 range. You could also watch on Here is a video clip: […]

  • The Squeeze Movie Review

    The Squeeze is a movie about Las Vegas golf, gambling, love and death. It featured: Jeremy Sumpter   Christopher McDonald   Jillian Murray   Michael Nouri It was about high stakes gambling matches in Las Vegas and was based on a true story of Keith Flatt. The movie was released in 2015 was directed by […]