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  • Galilee Blockade

    Galilee Basin coal mining projects may damage the environment. The Galilee Blockade was grass roots resistance to the perpetrators of ecocide. It was non violent and used tactics like civil resistance. The Galilee Basin is home to the new Bravus Adani Carmichael coal mine in central Queensland, Australia.   This is what a coal mine […]

  • State Superintendent of Public Instruction

    Troy Gunderson was recently a candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. He wanted to play a role in improving public schools for the children of Wisconsin. He was a Democrat that was committed to developing a vision for education that ensured that teachers and children were ready. Children need to be ready to learn. […]

  • Salvador Carnival – What is it really like [with Pictures]

    The annual Bahian Carnival happens in the capital of Brazil, Salvador. 3 million people attend, including 1.5 million from out of town. There are many events, musicians, and parades. Here are some photos:   The percussion band Dida during a performance at Circuito Osmar.       Ivete Sangalo in Carnival of Bahia   Olodum […]

  • Scooters in Paris

    You can ride on a rented Vespa scooter and tour Paris. You can rent by the full or half day. They come in different colors and go pretty fast. There was a company called Left Bank Scooters that had rentals. You must be sure to wear a helmet.     Riding is one of the […]