Domaine de Lintillac

The Domaine de Lintillac has closed. It was a traditional restaurant in Paris that had excellent duck entrees.

Here are some photos of duck confit, foie gras, and creme brulee:

They made some good looking food.



Creme brulee




duck the fancy way

Have this for dessert.


This is what typical French restaurants look like:


Here is a picture of dining at cafe.

Most have outdoor and indoor seating.


Here is a list of alternative restaurants that serve duck:

  • Le Petit Canard
  • La Fontaine de Mars
  • Il √©tait une Oie dans le Sud-Ouest
  • Bouillon Chartier
  • Bouillon Racine
  • Le Coupe-Chou
  • Chez Janou
  • La Tour d’Argent
  • Canard & Champagne
  • La Jacobine
  • Le Petit March√©
  • Afaria
  • Chez Toinette
  • Bistrot Victoires
  • Les Philosophes