Modernism – Style with Iconic Home Decor

You can use modern architecture and interior design for your home. Here is how it can look:

Black chairs


Less is more: In the world of modernism, clutter is a dirty word. It’s all about keeping things simple and streamlined—think of it as the architectural equivalent of a detox cleanse, but for your home.

Form follows function: Every piece of furniture and dĂ©cor has a purpose in a modernist home, even if that purpose is just to look fabulous. It’s like having a butler for each item, ensuring that everything is in its proper place.

Open-concept living: Modernism loves open spaces, so say goodbye to those pesky walls! It’s like living in a giant loft, where you can see from the kitchen to the bedroom without even breaking a sweat.

Monochromatic magic: Modernist homes often feature a limited color palette, usually sticking to neutral shades like black, white, and gray. It’s like living in a world where every day is a black-tie event, and your home is always dressed to impress.

Geometric genius: In the world of modernism, angles are king. From sharp, angular furniture to geometric patterns, it’s like living in a world designed by a very stylish mathematician.

Art attack: Modernist homes are the perfect canvas for showcasing your favorite pieces of art, whether they’re abstract masterpieces or minimalist sculptures. It’s like turning your home into a chic art gallery, and you’re the curator!

Lights, camera, action: Modernist homes often feature unique and eye-catching lighting fixtures, perfect for setting the mood or creating a dramatic focal point. It’s like living on a movie set, with every light perfectly positioned to make you look like a star.





There is space for 3 adults to sit

Multi colors are available


Living room

Lighting is key to make a modern living room look great.


Death by modernism




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