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Scooters in Paris

You can ride on a rented Vespa scooter and tour Paris. You can rent by the full or half day.

They come in different colors and go pretty fast. There was a company called Left Bank Scooters that had rentals.

You must be sure to wear a helmet.



Riding is one of the more popular things to do in Paris and is a great way to see all the sights.

The come in red, white, and other colors. I was impressed by the quality of the materials used to construct the scooter. The handlebars were made of a soft, comfortable material that provided a good grip, and the footboard had a non-slip surface to prevent any accidents. The scooter was also lightweight, which made it easy to carry around when not in use.



Cruising streets on a scooter is way faster than walking.


They can hold 2 people.


I recently came across a scooter that caught my eye. As someone who has never owned a scooter before, I was surprised by how much I liked it. The sleek design and vibrant color immediately drew me in.

After doing some research, I found out that this particular scooter had some impressive features. It boasted a powerful motor, a long-lasting battery, and a comfortable seat. I began to imagine all the places I could go and the adventures I could have with this scooter.



Rue De Lille

Vespa Model specs:

  • Piaggio FLY 50, max speed 39 mph, 110 mpg
  • Piaggio FLY150, max speed 61 mph, 70 mpg
  • Piaggio BV250, max speed 80 mph, 65 mpg
  • Piaggio MP3 250, max speed 77, 60 mpg
  • Piaggio Vespa BV Tourer 500, max speed 99 mpg, 55 mpg



Try a guided tour or go on your own.


You see them all over town.


It costs about 15 Euros per 1 hours, or 30 Euros for 3 hours.


You will see them on the streets and paths all around European cities.


Scooters in Paris are a funny thing. They’re everywhere, zipping around the city like a swarm of hornets. It’s like a real-life version of Mario Kart, but with more baguettes and less banana peels.

If you’ve never ridden a scooter in Paris, let me tell you, it’s an adventure. The streets are narrow, the traffic is insane, and the pedestrians are fearless. It’s like playing a game of Frogger, but instead of a frog, you’re a tourist on a scooter.

The locals make it look easy, of course. They weave in and out of traffic like it’s second nature, while you’re white-knuckling the handlebars and praying for dear life. It’s like being a kid on a rollercoaster, but instead of a theme park, you’re in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

And let’s talk about the parking situation. Trying to find a place to park your scooter in Paris is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Or, more accurately, a parking spot in a sea of double-parked cars and motorcycles.

But despite the challenges, riding a scooter in Paris is still an exhilarating experience. There’s nothing quite like feeling the wind in your hair as you zip past the Eiffel Tower or cruise down the Champs-Élysées. It’s like being in your own little movie, with you as the star and Paris as the backdrop.






Here is a nice looking red one:


Example of bike and scooter only lane: