Scooters in Paris

You can ride on a rented Vespa scooter and tour Paris. You can rent by the full or half day.

They come in different colors and go pretty fast. There was a company called Left Bank Scooters that had rentals.

You must be sure to wear a helmet.



Riding is one of the more popular things to do in Paris and is a great way to see all the sights.

The come in red, white, and other colors.



Cruising streets on a scooter is way faster than walking.


They can hold 2 people.


Rue De Lille

Vespa Model specs:

  • Piaggio FLY 50, max speed 39 mph, 110 mpg
  • Piaggio FLY150, max speed 61 mph, 70 mpg
  • Piaggio BV250, max speed 80 mph, 65 mpg
  • Piaggio MP3 250, max speed 77, 60 mpg
  • Piaggio Vespa BV Tourer 500, max speed 99 mpg, 55 mpg



Try a guided tour or go on your own.


You see them all over town.


It costs about 15 Euros per 1 hours, or 30 Euros for 3 hours.


You will see them on the streets and paths all around European cities.


Here is a nice looking red one:


Example of bike and scooter only lane: