Who Wants to Leave

You no longer have to travel alone. You can find a companion for your trip to France or other country.

Bring a friend on your next holiday vacation to make it more fun. You can organize and participate in trips with others and then share memories, photos, and videos.



You will need a good map and cell phone with gps to find your way.

Sites with companion threads and resources:

  • silversurfers.com
  • travellerspoint.com
  • tripadvisor.com
  • fodors.com
  • joinmytrip.com

You can find others in forums.



Traveling is an adventure.

58% of millennials have traveled alone.

47% of older people have.

17% of solo travelers are women compared to 46% for men.


Chill by the ocean on the beach.



Laugh and have a good time with someone else.